11 Apr

Wisdom Teeth Removal in London

Wisdom teeth are the last of the set of morals in each jaw that emerges between ages 17 and 24 years. While some people never grow wisdom teeth in their lives, others may grow up to four wisdom teeth at the two extreme ends of each jaw. Although wisdom teeth do not cause any serious oral problem, impacted wisdom teeth (as they are described) may cause swelling, infection or pain to the patients even damaging the teeth next to them due to lack of space for tem to grow. This may cause the jaws to become sore and stiff and the infection, if any, may cause bad breath and tastelessness in the mouth.

If you have impacted wisdom teeth that are not causing any problem, the best way to treat them is to let them be. However, it needs medical attention if the impacted wisdom teeth are consequential to much discomfort, pain, swelling, or other problems such as tooth decay or cysts. The most common procedure for relieving the patient from all these symptoms is by surgically removing the wisdom tooth, under general anaesthesia and followed by necessary medications. However, going about the operation will not much affect the crookedness of the neighbouring teeth.
Wisdom teeth removal procedures are generally rendered by professional dental surgeons and you are sure to find one in London with great ease. Sometimes, the discomfort related to wisdom teeth pressing against the gum-line can be relieved by simply making an incision in the gum, thereby providing adequate space for it to grow.