26 Aug

Wisdom tooth removal in London

Out of all dental ailments, removing wisdom teeth is considered to be one of the most dreaded dental treatments. Contrary to the popular belief, wisdom tooth removal is quite simple and painless if performed early enough.
Most of the dentists in London observe the growth and placement of such teeth during the teenage. Dentists recommend removing when time comes right depending upon the patient’s age and growth of the teeth. It is therefore, important to be aware of such teeth by having regular dental checkups making sure such teeth get removed at the optimal time. One has to learn that wisdom teeth generally burst between the ages of 17 to 24 and there are usually four teeth that come in, two on upper jaw and two on lower. Some of the people never get all four teeth in a case known as hypodontia.
Wisdom tooth is known as third molars since they come in the back of the mouth just next to the second molars. Removal of wisdom teeth is advised because of lack of space on the jaws for these extra teeth. Human anatomy of the jaw is provided with extra space that is big enough to house wisdom teeth and hence, it is better to get it removed, in case, it is troubling a lot. Removal of such teeth is to be done under experts’ hands or else it could be very painful. One has to search for qualified and skilled dentist in order to get it done. Impacted wisdom tooth can damage the tooth next to it and requires extra dental methods to fix the adjacent tooth. There are chances of infection that arises as food particles get trapped between the teeth. It is therefore to keep watch on wisdom tooth and get it removed if any problem occurs.