23 Aug

Wondrous Mini Implants in London

From the country that brought us Volvo’s and ABBA, we have Sweden to thank for one of the greatest ever contributions to dentistry- implants. Originally this method of teeth replacement was the domain of the rich and famous- you may even have had to go abroad to have the procedure done: and it could take up to around a year before your mouth healed and looked lovely. But now, in most dental surgeries around London, you can walk in and get a mini-implant fitted there and then. And the mini-implant is? Well when it was realised that the first implant procedures worked fantastically well, it wasn’t long before they were being adapted to do others jobs as well. This also coincided with the advancement of laser technology so that now, many mini-implant procedures can be done within an hour, and their uses? Mini implants have been adapted to help keep full and partial dentures in the mouth like never before and they are also used to give back-up to crowns and bridges. Being located into the jawbone, they replicate the root of the tooth. But unlike the root, once fitted, they are in for life and less likely to be suceptible to disease and because of the way technology has advanced over the years, the procedure can be found in most dentists surgeries at an incredible price. If you care to do your homework, you may well be able to pick up a bargain that will free you and the way you live your life like never before.