20 Jul

Working With Your Dentures In London

When dental implants came along, you’d have thought it would signal the end of dentures in London- it is completely the opposite, as dentures are making a return. This is largely due to the amount of work and effort that has gone into their manufacture and the improvements in the treatment of gum disease. Full dentures used to be messy to wear; they were made from a hard plastic which could not cater for the shrinkage in the gums below, hence they were difficult to keep in the mouth. Now they are made from more malleable materials, and being softer and more flexible, they adhere around the mouth a lot better. They are also made to look more natural once they are in the mouth and considering they are a cheaper option to tackle tooth loss with, this means that they are becoming popular again, especially with older people. The treatment of gum disease though has seen dentists do all they can to keep as many teeth in the mouth where possible, and this has seen a massive rise in people wearing partial dentures. They are easy to manage, fit securely, and again, a cheaper option to go for. Then there are some brilliant cements on the market to hold them in and ironically, dentures are being used alongside the dental implant for extra security in the mouth- not surprising then that they have made a dramatic return.