27 Sep

Xerostomia and Dental Cavities in Central London

There are many things that can cause us to suffer from a dry mouth or ‘xerostomia’ in central London (aside from the pollution), lifestyle for one. If we have a bad habit of drinking too much, smoking and have a poor diet to boot, this can lead to the falling of saliva levels in the mouth. People on strong medication or who have just been through major operation (especially chemo or radio therapy) can also suffer badly from the condition. Treating it can mean changing the way we live until the saliva starts to return to the mouth. It’s important to keep the mouth in a state of hydration at all times during this recovery period; caffeine should be dropped from the menu along with smoking and drinking, and onto the menu should go a healthy diet and drink lots of water. The use of herbal products can help as can chewing and sucking on sugar-free sweets to try to coax the saliva glands to fire-up again. Drastic it may sound but without it you may start to suffer from extreme halitosis and gum disease, which can then affect the whole of the blood system and body, let alone leading to tooth decay and loss.