30 Apr

Xerostomia and Dental Cavities in Central London

The condition of xerostomia, or dry mouth, can raise serious issues in the mouth unless it is tackled head on. Most dentists in central London will have a view on the treatment of problem but the diagnosis and treatments are pretty much universal. This condition is more prevalent among those of us who are on serious medications, have had radio therapy recently or suffer from extreme stress. Essentially, a dry mouth reduces the flow of saliva in the mouth, which is an important ally in fighting off bacteria in the mouth. Without it, bacteria can build up very quickly, leading on to plaque, gum disease develop and eventually dental cavities and tooth decay. The sufferer can also suffer from halitosis and speech impediments. To fight dry mouth requires a very strict regime and change in lifestyle. Smoking and heavy should be eliminated immediately and your diet should be changed to one that is as healthy as possible (and to one that suits you best). At all times, the mouth should be kept as hydrated as possible through drinking lots of water and sucking on or chewing, sugar based sweets. Caffeine and sugar based drinks should also be completely avoided at first until the problem is under control, and stress kept to a minimum. It may take time at first to beat, but as your body re-adjusts itself into this new regime, saliva levels will begin to return and the balance in your mouth will be restored.