07 May

Xerostomia and its links to tooth decay by a Central London dentist

A dry mouth can be caused by many factors; one of the most common is too much sugar in the blood. It needn`t be diabetes that causes high blood sugar levels either, too much alcohol will also cause Xerostomia says a Central London dentist. The main damage that a dry mouth does is to create a breeding ground for bad bacteria, this thrives in a warm, dry environment and as it dies off it attaches itself to the teeth in the form of Tartar. Tartar rots the root of a tooth by weakening the enamel and wearing it down, if you visit your dentist every 6 months, as you should do, then they will usually remove the clinging Tartar that brushing alone just won`t shift. Anyone can get a free sugar level test at the chemist; it involves a short, sharp pricking of the skin on a finger. This will produce a droplet of blood that is soaked up by a special plastic stick that is attached to a meter, in just a few seconds your level is produced on an LED screen on the hand held machine. Drinking water will give you some relief, and will help to neutralise the bacteria in your mouth, but this is a short solution to a long term problem. You need to clean your teeth and use a mouth wash also throughout the day. Tooth decay is one of the first symptoms of Xerostomia, and at the first sign you need to consult both your dentist and your G.P. If you have diabetes then you will need to deal with it quickly, not all diabetics are given injectable Insulin, and many type 2 sufferers are simply given a diet sheet and some tablets. Smoking is another cause of a dry mouth, and this too will produce sweet saliva that bacteria thrive on. Don`t suffer with Xerostomia, get some help, and your teeth will last longer