28 Feb

Xerostomia can cause dental cavities in Central London

If you take medication, or have had some form of radio therapy in central London of late, there is a good chance that you may suffer from some form of xerostomia or dry mouth. One of the biggest side effects of this problem is the loss of saliva to the mouth. It can be an extremely uncomfortable condition and can lead to other serious complications in the mouth, especially if you wear dentures. Of course, the usual ‘criminals’ such as smoking and bad diet, stress and constant dehydration, can help to compound the problem. Saliva, is important to the mouth, it breaks up the acids and bacteria that lead to plaque, gum disease and cavities in the teeth. A lack of saliva will also lead to bad breath and speech impediments. It’s important to have your dentist monitor the problem so that risk of gum disease and decay are checked straight away. In the meantime, it’s important to fight the afore mention ‘criminals’. It’s always good to keep the mouth hydrated as much as possible by drinking lots of water and using sugar free sweet to activate the saliva in the mouth. Good hygiene and diet should be a high priority, avoid heavy smoking if you can and excessive drinking.