20 Feb

You and your Mouth-guard in Central London

Mouth-guards are used in a lot of walks of life in central London. Dentists, for example use variations on the theme; some aligners resemble mouth-guards, as do some bleaching trays to carry out teeth whitening. The closest resemblance used though is a guard used to protect the teeth from the damage threatened from teeth grinding. But it is in sport where mouth-guards are used the most, especially in sports where there is the likelihood of contact. Getting the right guard can save you from serious injury to your teeth and gums, your jaws, you head, neck and upper back. So if you are serious and passionate about the sport you play, the best option you can go for is a guard tailored to the sport that you do and one that is specifically designed to for your mouth. You can however get cheaper versions that will still offer you protection. The first is one that you simply buy of the shelf, but the other is a little more bespoke; you warm the guard up in hot water until it is soft and then, wiping it off first, pop it into your mouth and mould it to your teeth until it is set. In all case, this protection can help stop injuries and also save you from some hefty dental bills in the future.