21 Jun

You Can Get Dental Crowns in London

Even though you may need dental crowns after a root canal, you may not realize that there are other times when you may also need to have them. For example, if you get a partial denture, you may need crowns installed on teeth that are used to anchor the bridge. Today, your London dentist can give you plenty of information about crowns that will be most suitable for different areas of your mouth.
Consider situation where you had a root canal on a molar. While you were fortunate enough to be able to have this tooth saved, it will still need some kind of permanent cove. In most cases, the material used for a molar crown will be different from what would be used for a front tooth. In particular, you may want a metal crown that has a porcelain coat. Since the molars take on an enormous amount of biting pressure, you may not want to have a resin crown installed in this area.
As you discuss various options with your dentist, you will want to consider cosmetic issues as well as durability and functionality. Without a question, a gold or silver crown on visible teeth will not be appealing, let alone flatter your smile. In some cases, you may even feel that it will not be appropriate to have a discoloured back molar. Even though it may cost a bit more to have a matching colour for a molar dental crown, you will find it worthwhile.
Typically, when you need dental crowns, you can have get a temporary one until you decide which material is most suitable for you. For example, if you have a root canal, your dentist will usually install a temporary crown in order to allow enough time for the gums to heal. That said, once there are no further risks of infection, you will need to make some decisions about which type of permanent crown material you want used to cover the tooth.