04 Oct

You Don’t Have To Suffer Sleep Apnoea In Silence

4443553_blogSleeping disorders are relatively common and there are thousands of people suffering from sleepless nights as a result. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnoea and it’s taking its toll on your energy levels, your health and your mood, we are here to help.
What is sleep apnoea?
Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder, which is characterised by periods of apnoea, disruptions in breathing. When you have sleep apnoea, your breathing becomes suppressed as a result of the airway becoming blocked; this is usually the result of the muscles in the airway relaxing. Sleep apnoea can be extremely dangerous and even fatal and it is important that it is managed carefully.
The main risk factor for sleep apnoea is being overweight.
Snoring is not the same as sleep apnoea, but persistent snoring often indicates that the body is struggling to get enough oxygen and this can be a symptom of sleep apnoea.
Managing sleep apnoea
There are various different approaches, which are used to treat and manage sleep apnoea. In mild cases, simple lifestyle changes, including giving up smoking, cutting down on alcohol and losing weight. The best way to lose weight and sustain healthy weight loss is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced and calorie-controlled diet.
If you have concerns about sleep apnoea, don’t suffer in silence; we can help you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.