08 Jun

You, your Kids and their Oral Health in London

There should be no doubt at all when it comes to loving your kids in London, and from the day they are born, you will care and nurture them and ensure they are brought up healthy. This is also the same for their oral health, but with this comes a word of warning: their teeth will go through the more complex of changes than any other part of the body and you will need to be well prepared for this, not just with a cuddle when things go wrong, but how you are going to pay for all of the treatments that will accompany these changes, so this should be on the agenda as soon as they are born. Then you are going to have to find a paediatrician, a dentist and a hygienist who will help give you advice and treat them accordingly as they go from teething, second teeth, orthodontic treatments and possibly even wisdom teeth. They need to also be taught how to look after themselves and clean their teeth as they get older, and feed them a healthy diet to keep their teeth strong. No-one said it’s a breeze, but if you love them and get this right, they should be healthy in their lives forever with great teeth as well.