14 Nov

Your friend the Dentist in Central London

It would be interesting to find out how many of us would see our dentist as a friend in central London- in all reality, probably not a lot of us, though you wouldn’t want one as an enemy! The truth is though dentists really should be seen as friends- just think about what they do for you: they check your teeth regularly for any signs of disease and decay, they will patch you up when needed and bail you out in an emergency. You can confide in them about anything and they will guide you about anything in your mouth from hygiene to treatments. But modern dentists are clued up about lots of other stuff too these days- for a start, they know that many of the patients have a fear of anything dental, so are well versed in the art of sedation and know how to relax you when you come to visit. They also understand the relationship between the teeth and the rest of the body and how even having a good diet can impact on your teeth and gums. Of course they can also make your teeth very pretty indeed and most will have all the latest goodies at their disposal to give you the best possible smile they can. Dentists are great people who know what’s best for you- so put them on your Christmas card list and make them a friend, because at some point, you will need them.