24 May

Your London Dentist Can Provide Dental Bonding Services

Even though you may care about your appearance now, there will come a time in your life when it will be even more important. Regardless of whether you are getting married, or you want to look your best during the last of your prime years, dental bonding procedures can be an important part of your makeover. Today, your London dentist can combine dental bonding, gum contouring, veneers, and many other procedures to give you a movie star quality smile.
Interestingly enough, a gummy smile can also be treated with dental bonding. Depending on your bite pattern, it may be possible to use resin and other materials to make your teeth longer. At the same time, if the extra gum tissue creates gaps between your teeth, dental bonding can be used to fill those gaps in.
You may also have some purely functional reasons for having dental bonding procedures. In particular, if you have a cracked tooth or exposed roots, dental bonding can strengthen the tooth, as well as alleviate all the suffering that occurs with these conditions. As may be expected, if you have a chipped tooth, the bonded material will also help restore its natural shape.
Individuals that practice good oral hygiene and visit their dentist often may still have discoloured teeth, as well as suffer from all kinds of injuries. This, in turn, can create situation where resin and other dental bonding materials can be used to restore one or more teeth to their original strength and shape. If you have broken, chipped, or cracked teeth, you should not hesitate to see your dentist and have them taken care of. At the same time, if you have always dreamed of having perfect teeth, this will also be an opportunity to have certain cosmetic issues addressed.