07 Mar

Your London Dentist Can Repair a Cracked Tooth

There is no question that a cracked tooth can be very painful. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine exactly which tooth has this problem. That said, when you visit a dentist in London they will be able to locate the correct tooth, and make the necessary repairs. In most cases, your dentist should be able to avoid having to extract the tooth.
As you may be aware, a cracked tooth is a bit like a bone that fractures, but does not have dislocated portions. When a tooth cracks, only one part of it will press on the nerve running through the tooth. In order to treat this condition, your dentist will have to determine which part of the tooth is causing the pain. This may involve taking xrays, as well as applying pressure to different parts of the tooth. Chances are, you will be surprised to find that only one part of the tooth is causing you so many problems.
In most cases, your dentist will do everything possible to try and save the tooth. Treatment for a cracked tooth often involves a root canal, as well as placing a crown over the tooth. If your dentist is treating a molar, the root canal will almost always be followed with a crown. This will help stabilize the crack, as well as reduce the chances of further breakage.
When treating a cracked tooth, your dentist will have to consider whether or not the crack extends to areas that contain nerves. While a root canal can help prevent tooth loss and abscesses, you may still need to have more root canals later on. On the other hand, simply having the tooth removed may cause other problems that are harder to fix. Without a question, if you cracked a molar, it will be to your best advantage to try and save it, rather than have to wear dentures or implants.