05 Nov

Your role in your Kid’s Teeth in the City of London

Children eh, nothing but trouble, well without looking back in anger and wondering why you had them in the first place, they are here to stay and you are going to have to care for their dental health, like your mum and dad did for you. From the moment your child starts to teethe, they are immediately exposed to the problems of tooth decay and so you need to get up to speed quite rapidly. To do this, you are going to have a good pediatrician in the background to help you with your fight and to ensure you are taking the best precautions to feed your child right and as they grow, teach them how to clean their teeth correctly. Yes there will be issues along the way, the second coming of their new teeth, the possibility of having braces fitted and then the eruption of wisdom teeth. Getting on board with a trustworthy dentist from the start is also very important as they will be able to chart the way the teeth grow from day one and know how to prescribe the best tailored treatments for your child. Of course, there will be times when your kid will see you as a torturer as you sit them in the dentist’s chair in the city of London, but if you get it right, they should learn to love you for it in the long run.