29 Aug

Your Teeth and Sports in London

Being in the environment of a very hectic city like London, it can often place a lot of stressful demands on you in the workplace, which is why people turn to recreational sports in order to let off steam. Some of these sports are quite ‘pacifist’ by nature and so you are only putting your body through the workout. However, if you are into contact sports, you need to wear the appropriate gear to prevent you from injuring yourself, and this also goes for protecting your mouth as well. The mouth is a very delicate part of the body and if you damage it, there can be a knock-on effect through the head and into the neck and upper torso. What you are after then is mouth-guard in order to limit the risks involved in the sport you do. Dentists are only too willing to guide you here; after all, they’re the ones that have to patch up your mouth if things go wrong through injury. For some sports, you can buy an off-the-peg shield that will do the job, but the higher risk of impact requires a shield that is tailored to your sport of choice. This will be able to absorb quick blows whilst at the same time, protect your teeth and gums from damage. Your dentist will be able to measure you up so that you get a tailored mouth-guard that will look after you in the face of adversity.