11 Jan

You're Children And their Teeth in London

London dentists are a fabulous bunch of people: they are there to cope with all your problems and ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be all of your life. But for this to happen, it’s when you are a child and going through all those oral changes that really define how good your teeth will be in the future- it’s a tempestuous time that’s for sure. However, if you have children of your own, it’s important that you ensure that you are ready both financially and mentally to cope with the oral needs of your child from the moment they are born. They will teethe first and this is the time to start thinking about getting a paediatrician on your team to ensure that you are doing the right things and that your child is free from tooth decay, because soon after, these teeth will disappear and the secondary teeth, the teeth for life, will come through. Now you should be taking your child to a dentist to help with this major transition. Tooth decay will always be a threat throughout your child’s life, you can limit this threat by having them fitted with dental sealants, but the next big hurdle will be, if needed, orthodontic treatment in order to get the teeth straightened. Once you have done all this, aside from if your child is still around during the wisdom years, your work has been done and you’ve given it your best shot.