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Dental Check-up and Hygiene Offers

The highest rated emergency dentist

Over 750+ 5 star reviews

750+ Star

Enlighten Teeth Whitening offer

We’re delighted to offer our patients a fantastic opportunity to receive the healthy white smile you’ve always dreamt of, at an amazing price! The offers include:

  • £500 for Dental Check-up + Combination Enlighten Teeth Whitening + Scale and Polish, or
  • £550 for Dental Check-up + Combination Enlighten Teeth Whitening + AirFlow Stain Removal.

With Enlighten’s guaranteed results, you can achieve a healthy smile with teeth up to 16 shades lighter! Book your appointment at our King’s Cross clinic (LDN Dental) or our Earl’s Court clinic (The Dental Lounge) to take advantage of this incredible offer.


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You can find up to date information on our latest dental check-up and hygiene offers on this page.

With four centrally located dental clinics, each just a couple of minutes walk from a big tube station in London, and we’re delighted to offer a combination of treatments suitable for dental patients of all ages. Our team of highly experienced dentists and specialists can help you address any dental concern you may have.

We’re trained to work with anxious dental patients

If you’re worried about visiting the dentist, mention your concerns to the receptionist when booking the appointment and to the dentist upon your visit to the clinic. Our specialists are all trained to provide extra care when working with nervous dental patients, and if nothing else helps – sedation will certainly make you feel better.

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Dental Check-up + Scale & Polish
Dental Check-up + AirFlow Stain Removal

The magical combination: Dental Check-up and Hygiene

Dental health is an essential factor that will influence your overall health. If unnoticed and untreated, a tooth infection can spread in the entire body and cause flu-like symptoms, making you unwell and impacting your lifestyle and habits. More serious dental issues can influence a person’s ability to chew their food properly, ultimately affecting the digestive system and causing many issues in the long run.

A dental check-up and hygiene are the first, most crucial steps to dental health and, therefore, better overall physical health. A detailed review by a dentist will help you identify any areas of concerns early and address them when the treatment is minor and, by extension – less expensive.

Dental hygiene helps not only with drastically minimising the chances of caries but also with ensuring that your gums stay healthy and support your teeth properly, preventing gum and tooth loss in the long run.

Treatment with 3M Clarity sl self-ligating-braces-London

Dental Check-up

The dental check-up (dental examination) is the first step to determine what needs to be done when you’re experiencing a toothache or another form of dental discomfort. When done regularly (preferably every 6 months) the dental check-up can help you identify not only existing but also potential problems and act accordingly, thus saving you time, pain, and money down the line.

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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is another highly efficient dental presentation treatment that, when done regularly, will have a positive effect on your dental and overall health, and not in the last place – on your bank account. A dental hygiene treatment that you can take advantage of through our incredible offers will ensure your teeth are free from plaque above and below the gum line, effectively protecting you from bad breath, caries, and gum recession.



For the most persistent dental stains caused by tea, coffee and many people’s favourite meals spiced with colouring ingredients an AirFlow treatment can achieve absolute miracles. The advanced technology behind the combination of water, air and fine powder particles will leave your teeth a few shades brighter even if you’re suffering from discolouration or a more severe plaque build-up.


Scale and polish

Scale and polish is the dental hygiene treatment which we recommend at least every 6 months, and if a problem is present – every 3 to 4 months. During the procedure, the dentist will gently clean each of your teeth above and slightly below the gum line, to ensure no bacteria is accumulated where your toothbrush can’t reach it. When done regularly, a scale and polish treatment prevents inflammation of the gums and helps you avoid more serious conditions.


Bad breath treatment

The dental check-up and hygiene offers will be your first step towards a fresh breath from dawn till dusk. By removing any plaque built-up (harmful mouth bacteria) and early treatment of caries while will ensure that your oral health is at its optimum level and help you get rid of any bad breath concerns. In the rare instances in which bad breath is caused by a gastrointestinal infection instead of an oral one, a dental check-up can help you diagnose any issues early and take the necessary measures.

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How to take advantage of our dental check-up and hygiene offers?

To take advantage of our offers you need to book an appointment at one of our clinics. Please take note of the offers’ availability, as not all offers will be available throughout all 4 of our clinics.

To book your appointment, please call our friendly receptionists at 02073700055A refundable deposit may be required for booking the appointment.

If you would like to cancel your appointment, please do so within no less than 48 working hours prior to your appointment. 

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