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Dental Hygienist in London

Dental hygiene is a huge part of any dental health care routine and dental hygienists are primarily concerned with spotting the signs and treating gum disease and taking steps to prevent further unnecessary dental health treatment being required.

The key part of a dental hygienist’s role in your dental care is making sure you know the most effective ways to keep your teeth plaque free. Plaque is a deposit that forms on your teeth, formed by a mix of saliva, food and bacteria. The bacteria in plaque then creates chemicals that can lead to gum disease. That can in turn lead to shrinking gums, bleeding gums and even the loss of your teeth.

Plaque can also solidify to become tartar, which is a substance that requires specialist hygiene equipment to remove. Dental hygienists are trained to use this equipment to eliminate tartar and clean your teeth above and below the gumline. This is a treatment known as scaling and polishing. This is a vital part of ensuring the success of fitting crows and fillings. Both children and adults can benefit from teeth polishing, and a hygienist can also apply a fluoride varnish that can help prevent tooth decay.

At Baker Street Dental, we provide 2 types of dental clean:

Standard Clean

  • Treats gum disease
  • Prevents the causes of gum disease
  • Leads to healthier gums
  • Reduces bleeding gums
  • Prevents the loss of teeth
  • Leaves teeth cleaner

“AirFlow” Premium Clean

  • Treats gum disease
  • Prevents the causes of gum disease
  • Leads to healthier gums
  • Reduces bleeding gums
  • Prevents the loss of teeth
  • Leaves teeth cleaner
  • Plus
  • Removes stains with AirFlow
  • Leaves teeth brighter

What Is AirFlow Stain Removal?

AirFlow is a system that removes dark brown, grey or yellow marks on your teeth that are visible but hard to get rid of using regular teeth whitening methods. Based on using a jet of compressed air, water and particles of bicarbonate, AirFlow polishes the teeth gently, wiping out any surface staining and leaving behind a bright white smile only possible through AirFlow.

AirFlow is a method of teeth cleaning that is becoming increasingly popular and has become favoured by people who have severe teeth staining, such as people suffering from darker teeth genetically or smokers. Some more stubborn food stains can also be tacked by AirFlow, and the more common staining that can be removed with AirFlow include Tobacco, tea, coffee, curry and wine.

Dental hygienists are also on hand to provide advice on diet and other tips to prevent tooth decay in the future. This includes how you can care for your mouth using a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, dental floss and interdental brushes, so you can take care of your teeth and gums between visits.

Taking care of your teeth, brushing properly and cutting down on sugary drinks and food could have a massive impact on your dental hygiene routine.

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