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Teeth whitening treatments in London

Whitening Offer !*

Home Whitening £200

Power Whitening £450

Combination Whitening £500

Late evening & Weekend appointments
Treatment by Experienced cosmetic dentists
4 London Locations


*only first 10 patients a week quote "web1"

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a simple means to be bestowed with a gleaming white smile that does wonders for your levels of confidence. The latest bleaching methods ensure that you have a more radiant and delightful smile.

In due course of time, teeth become dark since minerals breach the enamel surface of the tooth. As bleaching agents split up, oxygen is pushed through the tooth enamel. Staining rapidly vanishes and the tooth structure is not harmed.

Home bleaching or home teeth whitening in London

In the first place, impressions of the patient’s lower and upper teeth are taken, and then these are forwarded to the laboratory technician, who in turn casts up specially made bleaching trays. On your next visit, these trays as well as the bleaching gel including complete written directions are handed over to the patient. In the night, after you pour the bleaching solution into the tray, just fit them into the mouth and carry on with your regular pursuits or go to bed. The process is quick and risk-free. In just under five days, you can notice the difference.

Cosmetic bleaching is a simle, far less invasive and a reliable means to a smile that is simply stunning.

However, it needs to be noted that certain stains, although lessened, cannot be completely eliminated like myosin, fluorosis, and tetracycline. Periodic banding is obvious because of enamel/dentine inherent staining, density thickness as well as places with a smaller amount of calcification. The outcomes are much better although they differ from one case to another.

Nicotine staining may conceal the bleaching effect and a frequent check up by the London hygienist is recommended. It is greatly advised that you take a bleaching consultation so that the Baker Street hygienist can find out which method is most suitable for your needs.   

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our London Teeth whitening experts call our practice on 020 8563 8063 or 0207 935 5559

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