Broken Braces

Patients have a wide range of dental braces to choose from to straighten their teeth and improve their smiles. There are fixed, functional and removable braces designed for improved discretion and comfort in wear. However, an accident or lack of braces care can mean dental braces break or become damaged.

Our dentists provide patients with guidance on how to correctly wear and care for their braces to prevent accidental damage or breakage. However, braces can break even with the best of care and require either repair or replacement.

Orthodontic Brace Systems and Care

Brace systems are made for different functions and from a range of materials, including plastic, ceramic and metal. These materials have different lifespans, pressure capacities and require care in different ways. Some, such as Damon Braces, are designed using tooth coloured metal arch-wires and ties with elastic bands to facilitate movement. Others, such as Invisalign, are designed as clear mouth guards with replaceable aligners.

Ultimately, the goal of any brace system is to improve dental function, bite, teeth symmetry and facial expression. People of all ages choose to have their teeth straightened for greater oral comfort, enhanced confidence and a beautiful-looking smile. Now that innovative modern brace systems are available to replace the stigma of metal brace systems, individuals from all backgrounds are seeking the orthodontic care they need.

Smile makeovers are not just for celebrities who desire the Hollywood smile, but for members of the general public too. Whether celebrity or not, patients must care for their brace system according to recommended guidelines. Well maintained brace systems are less noticeable and more comfortable. The self-image and esteem of individuals is preserved and vastly increases after treatment.

So that individuals receive the intended outcomes from wearing modern brace systems, dentists and orthodontists help patients understand what is involved in the care of their specific brace system and what to do in event of braces breakage or loss.

Broken Braces and Dental Emergencies

In the event of oral trauma occurring while wearing braces due to a sporting activity or accident, emergency dental care should be sought to assess damage and prevent problems with braces that may be damaged. Our clinic provides a 24 hour emergency service that includes treating patients who wear braces for dental emergencies.

Attempting to self-repair or wear damaged braces may cause further oral trauma, teeth misalignment and pain. Having oral health evaluated and the braces system checked will help patients receive the proper dental care they need for healthy teeth and gums.

Broken Braces and Adjustment

In other cases, a dental emergency may not occur but the brace becomes loose, uncomfortable or does not fit correctly. An orthodontist can assess the condition of the brace so that patients continue to receive the intended orthodontic treatment.

Brace systems are designed to apply orthodontic pressure to straighten teeth. If the braces are slipping or not fitting properly, the pressure may not be applied to the teeth correctly and cause worse orthodontic conditions. Having braces checked and adjusted gives peace of mind and allows for comfortable wear so that patients have their teeth straightened properly in the designated treatment time.

Not having braces adjusted by a dentist or an orthodontist may lead to gum irritation, infection and bite problems. In the long run these can be more costly and extend treatment time. Wearing ill-fitting braces or attempting to wear a self-repaired brace may even result in a dental emergency. When oral health is poor overall health is at risk. Ensuring proper braces care means patients experience improved quality of life.

Dental Braces Care and Oral Health

It is normal for patients to go through an adjustment period when starting to wear braces. Dentists or orthodontists usually advise patients on what to expect during this time and how long the adjustment period should last. If pain or discomfort continues, or there are concerns about the braces, the clinician should be contacted immediately for braces adjustment and assessment of any pain or discomfort.

Dental wax is commonly provided to patients for application to oral contours and to reduce discomfort as they adjust to new braces. The need to apply dental wax should lessen as brace wear continues, but where sensitivity is present dental wax may continue to be applied.

Attending orthodontic check-ups scheduled by the clinic is important to receive monitoring and prevent unnecessary braces damage. Continuing a thorough oral hygiene programme is also essential to ensure the mouth and braces are clean, preventing the development of tooth decay and gum disease.

Accessing Dental Braces

For further information about care of dental braces, types of brace systems and braces repair, get in touch with our clinic by phone or email. We have a friendly team on hand to make an appointment where necessary to fit in with busy schedules.

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