Broken Dentures

Dentures may break from long-term wear, being dropped on a hard surface or from a lack of maintenance. Fractured or broken dentures can affect how dentures function in terms of eating and speaking. Professional repair of broken dentures enables individuals to enjoy normal oral health and have confidence in their smile.

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Denture Repair Options

Options in denture repair depend on the type of denture and the extent of damage. Fractured and cracked dentures may be repairable in a shorter timeframe, but multiple or severe denture breaks can require extensive repair or replacement.

Denture repair specialists examine the denture for repair and may be able to repair or replace a denture within a day. In some cases, it is a matter of denture bonding while the patient waits in the clinic. The clinician will advise on repair needs and time scales so that individuals know what to expect from denture repair.

When dentures break it is advisable to keep all the pieces together and bring them to the denture appointment. This is because denture bonding or cementing may be an option and allow individuals to receive their restored dentures sooner.

Regular denture check-ups allow dentists to monitor denture wear and condition over their seven-year expected duration. Where needed adjustment may be made for greater comfort in wear and to prevent denture fracture from incorrect wear or ill-fitting dentures.

Facial and mouth contours change over time and may cause dentures to become loose and need adjustment. Dentures are not made the same as natural teeth and need care to ensure healthy function. Depending on the type of denture and materials used dentures may have different lifespans, requiring restoration or replacement after certain periods of time.

We all use our mouths differently and consume various dietary foods, which mean that denture-wear is unique and may occur at a faster or slower rate depending on each individual’s oral manner. Some people may experience chipped dentures or stained dentures due to their food choices or lifestyle habits, such as smoking.

Dentists advise patients on how best to care for their particular custom-made denture and what to do in the event of damage for proper denture care.

Where full denture replacement is required a mould may be made of the previous dentures for a similar fit and comfort. Patients soon receive their set of natural-looking teeth for a beautiful, confident smile and enhanced quality of life.

Although denture repair kits are available for self-repair of dentures, it is advisable to have the broken or damaged dentures assessed in-clinic by a qualified denture professional. Re-bonding of broken dentures may alter fit and result in oral trauma.

Having dentures repaired through the denture repair service allows individuals to have properly repaired, adjusted and fitted dentures for healthy oral function and comfort. Clinically-approved denture repair kits may be used as a temporary emergency solution, but dentists provide more suitable options through emergency dental care.

Clinicians provide new denture wearers with information on adjusting to denture wear, cleaning methods and how best to maintain their dentures. Denture care includes:

  • Cleaning dentures over a basin filled with water so that if dropped, the dentures do not impact against the hard basin surface.
  • Placing a mat or towel on the floor in case the denture is dropped during cleaning.
  • Using warm water with or without denture care products to soak dentures.
  • Brushing dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush/denture brush and denture cleaning paste to remove food debris and plaque.
  • Cleaning the teeth, gums, tongue and palate daily after meals and before sleep.

Following dentist advice for best denture care and oral hygiene is important to ensure proper mouth and denture cleaning, prevention of decay and good dental health. Denture-wearers are advised to stimulate their gums during cleaning to promote healthy circulation and prevent dry mouth. A fresh mouth is essential for good health and well-being.

Individuals have a range of dentures to choose from, such as acrylic, flexible and partial dentures. Those in need of more secure dentures may explore the option of dental implants to fix their dentures in place. Dental implants offer greater retention and stability for denture wear. Individuals choose dental implants for confidence in appearance and denture wear experience.

Dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots just like strong natural teeth structures. They are made from titanium posts and will be inserted in the jaw bone and gum line, soon fusing with natural bone structure to provide strong support for dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges and dentures.

The main benefits are in improved retention so there is no chance of the dentures slipping during wear. Dental implants and denture fixtures also retain facial volume and prevent a sunken look that ages individuals. All missing teeth are replaced and bone loss is prevented for a beautiful smile.

Accessing Denture Repair and Dental Implants

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