At Baker Street Dental, we’re proud to invest in innovative technology to bring our patients in London the finest treatments on the market. One hugely exciting development in the world of modern dentistry is the introduction of same-day restorative treatment, which is made possible by Cerec technology. Cerec is a form of cutting-edge technology, which enables us to design, manufacture, and fit custom-made restorations on the same day.


Cerec is a type of modern dental technology, which enables our experienced dentists to offer same-day restorative treatment. With Cerec, we can create crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in a single day, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile without delay. Treatment using Cerec technology involves these key processes:

  • Capturing detailed images of the tooth or teeth using a camera
  • Cerec transforms the camera images into 3D models
  • These 3D models are used to create custom designs for the new restoration
  • The models are sent to the on-site milling machine
  • The restorations are fabricated in a matter of minutes

Once the new restoration is ready, your dentist can fit it securely, and show you the results of this speedy, effective, hassle-free treatment.

Cerec is a brilliant example of how far dental technology has come, and it offers a raft of advantages, including:

  • Speed: the main benefit of Cerec is the speed of treatment. Traditionally, crowning a tooth, for example, would take around 2 weeks. With Cerec, we can complete the entire process in just one session. This means you can enjoy the benefits sooner, and also that you don’t need to worry about making multiple appointments.
  • Cleaner, simpler procedure: usually crowning a tooth or making veneers requires using dental putty to create moulds. With Cerec, this process, which can be messy and rather unpleasant, is eliminated, and the procedure is much cleaner, quicker, and simpler.
  • No need for temporary restorations: with Cerec, the permanent crown or inlay can be fitted immediately, meaning that there is no need for temporary restorations.
  • Control and accuracy: Cerec gives dentists more control over the process of designing bespoke restorations, and it’s also a more accurate way of creating restorations. With this technology, there’s no risk of human error.

Cerec technology is not widely available, and we’re very proud to have dentists that have experience and advanced training in providing Cerec treatment for our patients.

If you’d like to find out more about Cerec, or see if you could benefit from this treatment option, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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