Clear braces London

Clear braces

The invisible way to straighten your teeth

With the development of all technologies, orthodontics (teeth straightening) have developed, too. A wide selection of clear braces is now available for anyone, young or mature, who wishes to transform their smile for the better.

Invisalign®, the famous clear aligners that recently took the world by storm, showed adults that teeth-straightening is possible at any age. Nowadays, more and more people improve their oral health and smiles without sacrificing their appearance. Are you going to be one of them?

Clear braces and clear aligners, London

What options of clear braces are available, and what is the difference?



Invisalign® is a system of clear aligners (retainer-looking appliances) 3D printed for each individual based on a custom-made treatment plan. With new aligners on every week (or every other week), Invisalign® gradually moves your teeth in the desired position, remaining virtually invisible throughout the treatment.

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Clear fixed braces

With clear attachments, fixed braces such as Inspire Ice provide you with treatment similar to the traditional brace treatment minus the metal mouth effect. Ceramic braces are a cost-effective treatment solution for when a fixed brace is required, remaining as unnoticeable as possible when paired with clear elastics, holding the wire.

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Clear self-ligating braces

With clear attachments that don’t require elastics, the self-ligating brace systems such as Damon Clea provide an advanced teeth-straightening solution for anyone. Particularly suitable for more complex cases, the clear self-ligating attachments resist staining and discolouration and remain discrete throughout the entire treatment.

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Insignia Advanced Smile Design

With entirely custom-made attachments, each designed particularly for the tooth it will be bonded on, Insignia’s brace system claims to shorten treatment time by up to 35%. While the actual duration of brace treatment remains different for everyone, Insignia’s clear attachments are always discrete.

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How to choose the right type of clear braces for you?

When selecting clear braces for your treatment, you have to take two main factors into account:

  • Your lifestyle;
  • Your orthodontist’s recommendation.

Before opting for a specific type of clear brace, book a free consultation with one of our orthodontists and understand what your smile requires. Based on the complexity of your case, the clinician will recommend a few possible options and discuss with you the pros and cons of each one.

While we understand that it is tempting to opt for the lower cost, the wisest choice would be a clear brace that improves the visual appearance and corrects your bite and positions teeth in the best possible way.

Choose the right clear braces

Are clear braces as effective as the traditional ones?

The quick answer is YES. In the hands of a skilled orthodontist (as are all the specialists working in Baker Street Dental), clear braces will be just as efficient as traditional metal ones. 

The most important decision to make when selecting a brace treatment is most commonly whether to choose simply a cosmetic straightening option or a total smile re-design.

Is there a downside to clear braces?

As with everything, clear braces have some specifics that you need to know when making your selection.

With clear aligners, such as Invisalign®, some people find it inconvenient to remove the aligner for each meal or drink. There’s also a risk of breaking or losing your aligners, which can cause a delay in your treatment.

With ceramic braces, clear elastics are used to hold the wire steady around the attachment. And while the bracket themselves don’t stain easily, the elastics are more prominent to colouration from the food and drinks you consume.

With clear self-ligating braces, the material is less prone to colouration and staining, and there are no elastics. Nonetheless, rinsing (at least) is strongly recommended after eating or drinking.

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