Damon Braces

Damon Braces are a modern, discreet teeth straightening solution for young people and adults. An alternative to traditional braces the system is comprised of small tooth-coloured brackets which are bonded to the front of teeth and linked by an ultra-thin metal archwire.

Over a six month period Damon Braces apply friction-free orthodontic pressure to reposition teeth into position. The braces are used to treat mild and certain severe orthodontic conditions. Damon Braces straighten crooked, protruding, irregular spaced and misaligned teeth within a short period of time.

Modern Braces

The advanced, self-ligating mechanism of Damon Braces is free of metal and elastic ties to substantially reduce friction. The gentler slide mechanism allows smooth movement that does not interfere with eating and speaking, the braces are more comfortable than traditional braces and there is none of the oral irritation associated with traditional systems.

Patients will initially have their oral condition assessed to ensure the Damon Brace is suitable. If not an alternative method of tooth straightening can almost always be recommended.

Unlike Damon Braces, not all modern braces are designed to treat severe orthodontic conditions, such as bite irregularities including crossbites, overbites and underbites. The braces are designed to maximise comfort and exert gentle orthodontic pressure to align teeth. During the consultation the dentist will explain exactly how the system works.

Certain individuals may require some dental work before the braces are fitted. In cases of dental overcrowding, one or more teeth may need to be removed to allow best results. The dentist will take images using x-rays and dental impressions to ensure the brace is made to fit the unique dimensions of each person’s mouth.

Damon Braces are bonded to the teeth using dental glue and may need some minor adjustments. The dentist will explain what temporary sensations are to be expected and how best to care for the braces. Discomfort is not anywhere near that of traditional braces and sensations soon fade as patients get used to wearing their custom-made device.

Benefits of Damon Braces

Patients who choose Damon Braces experience a range of benefits, including added comfort due to the self-ligating mechanism of the brace. If individuals have previously been put off of having orthodontic treatment due to the stigma associated with this treatment, Damon Braces eliminate these worries and enable persons to receive the care they need without pain and discomfort.

Damon Braces are easy to maintain for oral hygiene and care. The hygienic design of the brace reduces the likelihood of plaque build-up and averts the problems of tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists provide guidelines on how best to care for Damon Braces, such as brushing after meals to remove any trapped foods.

Although not entirely invisible the braces are elegantly designed to be discreet. Their design preserves self-image and doesn’t detract from natural beauty. Those with concerns about the stigma of traditional metal braces can rest assured that Damon Braces will provide a modern take on teeth straightening.

The advanced orthodontic technology, materials and techniques used in making Damon Braces allows for a shorter treatment time than traditional brace systems. The brace may be more costly than because of this level of improvement, but their effectiveness and discretion makes this an ideal choice for many people.

Alternative Choices

If Damon Braces treatment is not appropriate for the individual, such as with more mild orthodontic conditions, the dentist will often recommend alternative modern brace systems. There is a wide selection of teeth straightening treatments to choose from, including Invisalign, Lingual Braces, Clearstep and Simpli5.

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Caring for Damon Braces

Regular check-ups are required to ensure the braces reposition teeth correctly. Adjustments may be made to the Damon Brace for effective results. Treatment may last for about six months but this will differ according to each individual’s orthodontic condition.

Misaligned teeth can cause not only speech difficulties but poor nutrition and oral health. Damon Braces correct teeth alignment so that individuals may experience improved well-being. Severe orthodontic conditions can cause jaw disorders and migraine conditions, but being treated with Damon Braces will address the cause and alleviate this discomfort.

Orthodontic conditions can impact a person’s facial appearance. Some people develop lines around their mouth that is caused by the way in which crooked or misaligned teeth impact facial muscle action and expression, but this can be remedied with Damon Braces.

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