Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a means for patients to access affordable private dentistry treatments. A range of dental insurance plans are available to provide patients with choices in dentistry care. Certain dental insurance plans cover private dentistry treatment only while others cover both NHS and private dental care.

Dental insurance Plans

Clinics offer specific dental insurance plans and patients need to find out what is offered in terms of financing and insurance plans. Comparing maintenance dental insurance plans can result in cost-savings.

Dental clinics may accept the insurance plans that patients already have. Finding out about a clinic’s policies will help patients to make informed choices about their dental finance.

To meet the diverse needs of dental patients different types of dental insurance plans are available, including:



Maintenance dental insurance plans offer patients the basics in dental hygiene and health care. For example, patients are normally covered for dental examination and hygiene treatments over a period of twelve months. These plans offer discounts and may include a joining fee. Maintenance dental insurance plans suit patients with consistently stable dental health.



Capitation dental insurance plans cover certain dentistry treatments provided by capitation plan dentists. Patients will need to ensure that their dentist provides care by capitation and mostly need to be evaluated by a capitation dentist before deemed fit for membership.

With these plans patients pay a fixed monthly fee, excluding lab fees for treatments such as splints, crowns, bridges and dentures. It also excludes specialist care for gum treatments, root canal therapies and oral surgery. Patients are limited to treatment by a capitation dentist.



Comprehensive dental insurance plans cover non-emergency dental care and emergency dental treatments. Dental hygiene and health maintenance such as dental check-ups and professional dental cleaning are usually included within the plan.

Patients receive a discount on the cost of treatment to a certain annual limit; for example, £1000 of treatment. Patients pay the cost of their treatment and then claim back the money through their insurance company. Claim limits per year are set by the insurance firm for so patients need to be aware of these.

Eligibility for Dental Insurance Plans

Patients need to check whether they are eligible for dental insurance first. Some clinics assist patients with this process or put patients in touch with dental insurance firms which do eligibility checks. Some patients may only be eligible for certain types of cover. Understanding the scope of cover for treatment depends on the completion of eligibility checks prior to joining a dental insurance plan.

Dental Insurance Benefits

While some dental insurance plans can restrict cover based on eligibility and choice of dentist, others offer patients wider options for choice of care and dentist. Researching dental insurance plans will allow patients to understand what is available.

Dental insurance plans allow individuals to budget for dental care treatments and receive care as needed, while fixed monthly payments are spread for affordable dental treatment. Some plans provide cover for minor treatments but others may include certain major dental treatments.

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