Emergency Dentures

Dentures can be damaged, fractured or broken by accident or from wear, being easily replaced or repaired through emergency denture care. Instead of suffering without teeth or wearing damaged dentures that cause oral trauma and accentuated denture damage, get in touch with our clinic for emergency dentures.

Not having a set of teeth impedes oral functions and gives the face a sunken appearance. Self-confidence can lessen the longer a person goes without teeth and there is risk of gum tissue and bone shrinkage. Replacing or repairing dentures will provide patients with a restored and beautiful smile.

Same-day emergency dentures for temporary wear are available while the original dentures are repaired. In some cases, the original dentures that have incurred damage can need replacing, for which we provide emergency dentures for individuals to maintain oral function.

Causes of Denture Damage

Although durable the material of dentures is vulnerable, particularly if dentures are dropped and hit a hard surface. Over time dentures can need adjustment as the mouth contours change. Wearing ill-fitting dentures can result in denture damage or breakage.

Dentures can be made from acrylic, resin or metal, and parts of the denture may wear faster than others depending on how dental pressure is distributed. Oral conditions differ and contribute to varying rates of denture wear.

Monitoring of denture condition and immediate repair when problems arise allow for stable, functional dentures. We provide patients with emergency dentures to ensure we do not leave them with any embarrassment or functional difficulties.

Even in cases of mild denture damage, such as a chip or tiny crack, it is best to have a professional clinician assess the damage rather than wear dentures that may cause oral trauma. Holding on to all denture pieces and bringing them with you to the emergency appointment is important to aid in the restoration process. The original dentures can be preserved through repair or, where damage is severe, replaced with a new set of teeth.

We provide an extensive service for denture repair and replacement. Our emergency dentures provide comfortable and reliable temporary denture replacement. We ensure that dentures are natural and tooth-coloured, so the difference between actual teeth and dentures is not easily noticeable.

Where broken denture pieces are kept together and given to the clinician, the original dentures may be repaired within a day. However, this may not be possible if some broken denture pieces are missing, in which case emergency dentures will be provided while the original dentures are assessed for repair.

An appointment with an emergency dentist will need to be scheduled to get an emergency denture. A dental mould or oral impression will be made of the individual’s mouth, so that the mould may be used to create temporary dentures. Within a day patients are provided with their temporary set of teeth, while their dentures are repaired with strong bonding agent or replacement dentures are custom-made.

Although denture repair kits are available for home denture repair, these provide only a short-term solution while professional denture repair is sought. By no means should temporary denture repair kits be used as a long-term solution for denture repair.

A professional dentist or denture technician needs to assess the denture damage for appropriate restoration. Wearing temporary self-fixed dentures can be a source of oral trauma and gum tissue irritation, or result in accumulated denture damage where the dentures eventually break.

The denture bonding material within these denture repair kits is not of the same grade used by denture professionals. A dentist is also better placed to recommend if denture replacement is necessary to avoid oral trauma.

When dentures are first provided to a patient and fitted at the clinic, guidelines are given on how best to maintain and care for the dentures.

Patients should include their denture care regimen within their daily oral hygiene practice. Dental check-ups are vital so dentists can monitor denture wear, adjust dentures and replace dentures as needed.

Denture wearers are advised to carefully remove dentures for cleaning; this can be done over a basin full of water so that if dropped, the dentures submerge gently in the water instead of hitting a hard surface. Following denture care guidelines is essential for durable wear.

Dentures are an artificial teeth replacement for missing teeth lost due to injury, infection and decay or gum disease. Although designed to be flexible and secure fitting, dentures do loosen over time as the mouth contours change and require adjustment.

Dental implants are a new option for denture-wearers to have totally secure fitting dentures. Titanium posts to replace tooth roots, dental implants are fused within the jaw bone and anchor dentures for greater retention.

Patients prefer dental implants for peace of mind and so they don’t have to worry about ill-fitting or shifting dentures. Having strong, secure natural-looking teeth improves oral function and aesthetics for a beautiful smile.

For more information about emergency dentures, denture repair, denture options and dental implants, get in touch with our clinic by phone or email and a friendly team member will make an appointment for you.

For more information about emergency dentures, denture repair, denture options and dental implants, get in touch with our clinic by phone or email and a friendly team member will make an appointment for you.

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