Emergency filling, broken filling, tooth filling, dental filling, London

Emergency Filling


An emergency filling appointment will be required if you’ve experienced a broken filling, or in case a toothache has become unbearable. At Baker Street Dental, we’re delighted to offer you:

  • 24/7 emergency dental care;
  • 4 London locations;
  • Superb sedation suitable for anxious patients;
  • 18 years of experience treating emergency dental needs;
  • No registration required for new patients;
  • All insurances accepted.
Emergency dental filling, broken filling, London

How to arrange an emergency filling in London?

To book an appointment for an emergency filling in one of our 4 London clinics, give us a call at the location, more convenient for you. Here’s a list of our clinics:

  • Baker Street Station [click for location]
    Open 24/7, our Baker Street Dental Clinic is available to take an emergency appointment any day of the week.
  • King’s Cross Station [click for location]
    Two minutes walk from the King’s Cross station, our LDN dental clinic offers emergency appointments Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Liverpool Street Station [click for location]
    Right by the tube station, the Whiter Smile Dental Clinic takes on emergency appointments between 9 am and 5 pm, 7 days a week.
  • Earl’s Court Station [click for location]
    A couple of minutes walk from the Earl’s Court tube station or the West Brompton overground station, The Dental Lounge clinic accepts patients between 9 am and 5 pm, 7 days a week.

Temporary emergency fillings

If you’re experiencing toothache and require an emergency dentist appointment, this may result from the pulp (the nerve inside your tooth) being infected by dental decay. In this case, the dentist will first numb the area around the tooth and clean the decay with the appropriate instruments. Once the decay is completely removed, your dentist will apply medication around the exposed area of the pulp to help heal the infection. Your dentist will then add a temporary filling to protect the pulp from further infection or irritation and allow it to settle.

Temporary fillings typically break or fall out within a month, so replacing them with permanent ones is of great importance. To protect them, for as long as your doctor has suggested, brush gently around the area and ensure you avoid chewing with the treated tooth.

The cost of a temporary filling is typically included in the overall quote you’ll be provided with at your initial appointment.

Temporary filling white filling mercury-free

Permanent white fillings

In the case of a lost or broken filling, your dentist will likely be able to apply a permanent white filling on your first appointment. Before applying the filling on layers for additional stability and duration, your dentist will first ensure that there is no cavity around the area (which may be the reason for the filling falling off or breaking). After removing any damaged areas, your clinician will dry the tooth’s surface and apply the filling, setting it layer by layer with a blue lamp.

Unlike treating newly formed caries, replacing a broken or lost filling is typically a completely pain-free procedure, which can be completed in just one visit.

The Baker Street Dental Group works exclusively with mercury-free materials treating you, our patients, with some of the most superb dental materials.

Why have an emergency filling?

Although a lost or broken filling doesn’t inflict instant pain, an emergency filling will be the right approach to ensure your oral health remains intact. Having the problem resolved right away will help you:


Save the tooth

If a tooth is left untreated, caries can develop further and can severy infect the tooth’s pulp, leading to a root canal treatment, gum infection, and even tooth loss.


Avoid pain

A broken or a lost feeling won’t mean pain, but if left without an emergency filling the dentine of the tooth remains exposed to bacteria from food and drinks, and can quickly develop a pulp infection.


Reduce dental costs

Without a doubt, a quick treatment of a tooth when the issue is still minor will be far less costly than requiring root canal treatment, extraction on an implant.

If you require an emergency filling, contact us today!