Invisalign Lite

The Invisalign brand is renowned for its effective yet discreet treatment. In keeping with this promise of quality and comfort Invisalign Lite aims to correct minor teeth misalignment, crowded teeth and gaps between teeth with the same level of discretion and efficiency.

Patients wishing to have porcelain veneers often benefit from undergoing Invisalign Lite treatment beforehand in order to prepare their teeth. Another Invisalign Lite application is for patients who have previously worn a brace system but have since suffered tooth relapse and require additional tooth movement.

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Invisalign Lite is comprised of clear custom-made aligners, which are used to correct misaligned teeth for a symmetrical and enhanced smile.

The discretion provided by Invisalign treatment ensures that others cannot see the braces and therefore the braces are not a cause of stigma or embarrassment.

Adolescents and teenagers particularly benefit from this quality, as do a great majority of adults, when they are sensitive about their self-image and need reassurance.

The bespoke aligners used as part of Invisalign Lite treatment are removable, which enable patients to eat and clean their teeth as normal. The results of treatment will vary according to the time you wear your aligners, with patients advised to wear each aligner for approximately 20 hours per day. Sticking to the recommended wear time and maintaining good oral health will ensure swift results.

The difference between the full Invisalign treatment and Invisalign Lite is the number of aligners used to correct orthodontic conditions. Invisalign Lite is so named because fewer aligners are necessary to treat mild teeth misalignment. Patients not needing the full Invisalign treatment receive cost-savings through Invisalign Lite, which uses a maximum of 14 aligners whereas full Invisalign aligners are unlimited. Treatment time for Invisalign Lite is approximately six and a half months, while full Invisalign treatment spans seven to twenty-four months.

Another difference is that Invisalign Lite comes with one Invisalign refinement for adjustment and fine-tuning at an additional cost, while full Invisalign includes refinement as a standard part of the treatment package.

The dentist will examine the condition of your teeth in a non-judgemental manner and discuss your dental care needs. Diagnosis will be explained and treatment options put forward.

If Invisalign Lite is an appropriate treatment and you wish to go ahead, the dentist will make a mould of your mouth’s contours and oral specifications will be taken using X-rays and photographs. Invisalign Lite aligners are custom-made for you in a certified Invisalign dental laboratory.

You will be involved in the treatment process and provided with an Invisalign Clincheck plan for your approval. The plan is outlined on the computer so it is easy for patients to see the results they can expect before treatment has even begun.

Once the aligners are created the dentist will fit them and give advice on how to wear and care for your new braces. Dental check-ups are required on a six-weekly basis to see if any adjustments are needed and to monitor oral health.

If Invisalign Lite is not an appropriate orthodontic option and your teeth are severely misaligned, the dentist will recommend other suitable teeth straightening options. We provide a broad spectrum of braces and orthodontic treatments for you to consider.

Invisalign Lite is an affordable option and is designed to treat patients with milder orthodontic correction needs. It is more cost-effective than the full Invisalign treatment system, as it requires fewer dental visits and laboratory involvement.

The difference in cost between full Invisalign treatment and Invisalign Lite is also impacted by whether or not refinements are included in Invisalign Lite treatment. Refinement is an additional charge to the Invisalign Lite arrangement but is included in full Invisalign treatment. Patients requiring payment flexibility can consider the payment plans available at Baker Street Dental Clinic.

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