Metal self-ligating braces, London

Metal Self-Ligating braces

Why choose metal self-ligating braces?

Orthodontists often choose metal self-ligating braces when a solid, reliable treatment is necessary. Far more comfortable than traditional metal braces due to their minimised size, softer edges, and the lack of elastics, metal self-ligating braces are often perceived as “teeth jewels” by patients.

The sturdiness and durability offered by metal self-ligating brackets is often the best solution when a bite correction is necessary. The clip holding the wire allows for enough friction during treatment, making the process gentle on your teeth.

Traditional fixed brace vs self-ligating brace bracket, London treatment

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Pros of metal self-ligating braces


No staining

The self-ligating braces’ metal attachments will not stain throughout your treatment, and the lack of elastics means that there will be no awkward colouring.


Easy cleaning

Metal self-ligating braces have smaller attachments, meaning that they take up less space on your teeth and cleaning around them is more comfortable than with almost any other brace type.


Advanced treatment

The metal clip on each attachment enables the wire to hold steadily and reduce friction, making it easier on your teeth throughout the treatment and requiring less in-chair time.

What to expect from a treatment with metal self-ligating braces?

Metal self-ligating braces are typically patients’ choice for two reasons: a complex treatment or a desire for quick results. When a complicated case is treated with metal self-ligating braces, you can typically expect the treatment to last between 15 and 24 months, with most complex cases requiring up to 36 months.

The duration of time is required to allow the teeth’ gradual movement, where the jaw bone has sufficient time to calcify once the tooth is in the right position and remain steady for the rest of your life.
With metal self-ligating braces, we typically expect patients to require fewer visits to the clinic and shorter appointments than most other brace types.

Metal self-ligating braces

Metal self-ligating brace brands we offer

Damon Metal

One of the most widely known self-ligating braces, Damon Metal, have stood the test of time and proven efficient for patients with mild and complex cases alike. Damon’s shape-memory wires enable a highly predictable outcome and allow for fewer appointments and less in-chair time during your treatment.

3M SmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System

With low-profile attachments and intelligent clips that can release the wire if forces become excessive, the 3M SmartClip™ SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System is amongst the most technologically advanced brace treatments.