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Due to injury or decomposition, the tooth pulp can become damaged. This limits the supply of blood to the pulp, which results in an infection and causes an abscess and tooth pain. If no treatment is carried out then the infection tends to spread via the root canal, eventually leading to essential removal of the tooth.

Root canal treatment, otherwise known as endodontics or root fillings, requires specialised skills and is a long-drawn-out procedure. Difficult root canal treatments, like a failed root canal (otherwise known as root canal retreatment) are often handled by an internal endodontist (a dental surgeon specialising in endodontic treatment) at our Baker Street dental centre in London.

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Root canal treatment, generally, is spread over two or more phases.

Initially, an anaesthetic will be applied to the area for treatment to make the process as comfortable as possible, after which a rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth to uphold sterilisation and prevent further bacteria from getting to the tooth by way of saliva. The equipment used is of an advanced nature, including sophisticated microscopic dental equipment.

Following this a state-of-the-art flexible titanium rotary file is used to shape the canals, with each one being used only once to reduce the chance of infection being transferred or potential fracture. Then, in order to establish the length of the canals and reduce the radiographic dose, we use advanced apex locators and after that a strong disinfectant to eradicate bacteria within the tooth.

Gutta percha, a root canal filling material, is next used to fill the root canal to uphold the health of the tooth following treatment. Any pain that you feel following the procedure will settle down soon after and pain killers can be used to ease any painful symptoms

Well, the precise cost of root canal treatment is normally based on the tooth that needs to be filled. Certain teeth tend to have a different number of canals compared with others and it is therefore a protracted procedure, as each canal needs to be individually treated. In the case of root canal, your London dentist will make clear which tooth requires treatment as well as the expenses involved.

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