Simpli5 is a discreet orthodontic solution which uses clear aligners. It improves patient confidence by straightening teeth and improving the bite. The overall aim of treatment is to align the 4 to 6 teeth at the front of the mouth, close gaps between teeth and improve the way the lower and upper teeth meet, thereby enhancing facial contours for a beautiful smile.

Designed with advanced technology, Simpli5 is created according to the unique specifications of each individual patient. The aligners are made from clear plastic and worn daily, with absolute minimal effect on speaking and eating. Treatment time is relatively short, if the aligners are worn for the recommended time of 20 hours a day. Patients can even get a feel for what they will look like when treatment is complete due to the transparency of the aligners.

Patients, including adolescents, school children and adults, greatly profit from the Simpli5 system’s discreet invisible quality. Where metal braces have lead to stigma and unnecessary teasing, the Simpli5 system is by no means obviously visible. This level of discreetness allows wearers to feel reassured and confident in their self-image during the treatment period of 10 to 20 weeks.

The Simpli5 system is also removable and easily cleaned for optimal oral hygiene. Patients can remove Simpli5 for teeth brushing and flossing to prevent tartar and plaque build-up. Maintaining oral hygiene during treatment is paramount for successful care and stunning results. Follow-up appointments are scheduled for any adjustments to ensure optimum tooth movement.

This is a painless procedure which is able to straighten and align teeth in the shortest possible time. Our team is always available to provide patient information and reassurance, particularly if patients exhibit dental phobia due to past dental experiences. Once treatment is complete patients will have symmetrical teeth that look stunning, beautiful and healthy.

The Simpli5 brace system is affordable and often up to 20 percent lower than the price of other brace systems and alternative treatments. However, patients with heightened malocclusion may benefit from other brace systems, such as Invisalign. We provide patients with treatment options in orthodontic care based on their dental health condition and aesthetic needs.

Choosing a brace system involves considering dentist recommendations and solutions that best match a patient’s way of living. When engaging in lifestyle activities, such as contact or high-impact sports, patients may prefer a brace system such as Lingual braces, which is also designed for complete discretion. The Simpli5 brace system’s custom-made aligners and removable feature suits a broad spectrum of patients requiring orthodontic care.

Fitted braces are also an option. All these alternatives will be discussed with a patient during a consultation, so that they understand why a specific type of brace system has been recommended and the types of options available. Each type of brace system is created in a way that may apply orthodontic forces differently, based on the severity of the patients’ teeth alignment. All brace systems, such as Simpli5 and Invisalign, correct misaligned teeth or malocclusion cases effectively, but each one may be more appropriate over the other for different cases.

People all over the world are being successfully treated with invisible braces, including celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani and Justin Bieber. Whether parading the red carpet or being pictures during glamorous photo-shoots, media activities and special events, people wearing invisible braces do so with confidence and peace of mind.

You too can have a gorgeous smile with straight teeth.

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