Dr Antoaneta Mandajieva Day

MClinDent Lond 2002 FFD RCS Irel 1994 Statutory Exam 1992
GDC No: 67956

Dr Antoaneta Day received her Bachelor’s of Dentistry from Sofia Medical Academy. After her graduation, she practised dentistry for two years in Bulgaria, specialising in working with children and anxious patients.

Following her dream, Dr Antoaneta came to the UK, where she embarked on a 9-year long journey of specialising oral surgery. During her specialisation, she worked in the oral surgery departments of different hospitals. Dr Antoaneta obtained a fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and was entered in the GDC Specialists List for oral surgery. She has also completed a Masters in MClinDent in Prosthodontics at Guy’s Hospital in London.

As an oral surgeon, Dr Antoaneta holds a special interest in the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, removal of retained roots and treatment of problematic extractions, apicoectomies, as well as releasing frenums and tongue ties, removal of soft tissue cysts and polyps.

Dr Antoaneta further specialises in prosthodontics and aesthetic work (full mouth reconstruction), as well as crown lengthening. She considers looking after anxious patients as a rewarding part of her work and has trained in applying intravenous sedation for those who request it.

In her spare time, Dr Antoaneta Mandajieva Day can be seen dancing the tango or scuba diving on the shores of Mexico or Indonesia.


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