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Dentistry Enters the Twilight Zone

Visitors to New York may be surprised to see citizens wearing Vampire fangs, created by the city’s ‘fangsmiths.’

One fangmaker has been making and selling vampire style fangs from his base in the Queens District of New York for more than a decade. What’s more, buyers range from those with an interest in vampires to grandmothers looking for the latest dental accessory.

Ali Fangsmith who sells his vampire fangs for $50 a pair told local reports:”I keep my prices reasonable to keep the fang society going.”

He added: “They are sharp enough to break skin. I don’t recommend eating or sleeping with them.”

Ali warns that while wearing them is painless, wearers should be wary of causing pain in others by accidentally biting them.

Originally Ali worked as a dental technician, but found making fangs a much more enjoyable experience after learning the skill from other fangmakers or fangsmiths. Further more, no license is required to make the teeth.

When asked about the effect on his business with the recent films Twilight and TV series True Blood, Ali said that ironically they have not helped. He said: “Few ‘Twilight’ fans know vampires even have fangs, [while] the fangs in ‘True Blood’ are silly-looking. It hurts business.”

And what about real vampires? Of course, there is no such thing, but apparently one individual does enjoy the odd sample of blood. Seregon O’Dassey started sucking her own blood as a child when she had a cut. While this is nothing new, she did apparently move on to sucking her boyfriend’s blood.

For obvious reasons she doesn’t recommend anyone else doing such a thing.

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