11 May

A few tips from expert London dentists

Here are a few simple tips to help you maintain your oral hygiene to the best of your ability.
1. Brush your teeth daily after you get up and before going to bed. Although this seems like a silly thing to tell someone it’s really important and you should follow it religiously.
2. Floss before you brush. Although brushing is pretty effective in cleaning your teeth .The bristles don’t really reach between your teeth. This is where flossing can preserve the health of your gums and clear out the interdental spaces of foul smelling gunk.
3. Limit the amount of soda, alcohol and sweet juices you drink. These drinks contain minute amounts of alcohol which can eat away the enamel causing erosion cavities. These erosion cavities also cause severe sensitivity in the teeth.
4. Sue a soft bristled tooth brush and preferably tilt your tooth brush at an angle to your gums .Aim your tooth brush like a brush sweeping away debris away from the gums towards the biting surface of the tooth.
5. Replace your brush ever two or three months to avoid getting infected with throat infections.
6. Consider an electric tooth brush and learn how to use them well.
7. Consider getting an oral irrigator to massage your gums and clean in interdental spaces.