06 Sep

A London Dentist’s Advise on CoQ10 for Periodontitis Improvement

Many dental care products available in London contain various nutritional supplements; coenzyme Q 10 is one of these supplements. Historically, the benefits of coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) in oral health have been known for decades. Oxidative damage occurs in periodontal disease, and research has demonstrated possible therapeutic effects of anti-oxidants in treating and/or preventing periodontal disease are useful, with special attention on CoQ10. Clinically, topical application of CoQ10 to periodontal pockets was evaluated with and without professional cleaning below the gum tissue, and significant improvements were seen that included the reduction of gingivitis, bleeding on periodontal probing and gingival enzyme activity, only at the CoQ10 treated sites. Another clinical study demonstrated that topical application of CoQ10 was extraordinarily effective in reducing periodontal pocket depth, and that healing was so excellent after 5-7 days of treatment that diseased gingival sites were difficult to locate.
Additionally, a clinical study demonstrated that patients with periodontitis frequently have significant gingival and white blood cell CoQ10 deficiencies. This white blood cell CoQ10 deficiency indicated a systemic nutritional imbalance, and was not likely caused by neglected oral hygiene. A gingival deficiency of CoQ10 could predispose individuals to gingivitis and periodontitis, and periodontitis could even augment CoQ10 deficiency. Also, the beneficial effect of CoQ10 has also been reported in an individual case study, where three dentists separately and independently scored clinical improvements of five symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis, with the initial benefits being observed only three weeks after the beginning CoQ10 treatment.
Although, significant clinical reports demonstrated beneficial effects with CoQ10 on periodontal disease, the mechanism of the role of CoQ10 in periodontal disease was not known until, from 1971 to 1974, when CoQ10 gum tissue deficiencies were observed in patients with periodontal disease when compared to patients without periodontal disease. Clinical results suggested that topical application of CoQ10 improves adult periodontitis not only as a sole treatment, but also in combination with traditional non-surgical periodontal therapy.