20 Mar

Acidic Diet Not Good For Teeth (London Dentistry Portal)

Did you know the fact that acidic foods can cause tooth decay? A lot has been written about this subject. The acidic foods such as the acid found in sodas, energy drinks, juices, wine, etc. can all cause wearing off of tooth enamel in turn causing tooth decay.It must seem a bit different to hear, but one should not have acidic foods before going to bed. The major reason for that is the decreased production of saliva during that time, which can cause increased acid exposure.
Another thing, which can help you provide better protection against acid decay is to brush your teeth about half an hour before consuming acidic foods. It should be noted here that you should not brush after having acidic foods.
Therefore it is always best to have acidic foods in moderation and at right times, which can help protect your teeth and obviously your beautiful smile. Take care of yourself as much as you can. Better health to my fellow Londoners.