11 May

Advice on dental erosion from your London dentist

We’ll have a Coke for a mid morning drink. Or you may like to have different types of commercial fruit juices, sports drinks, herbal teas, beer salts, and some types of Lucas brand of candy.All these products contain large amount of acids which can eat away or dissolve the surface enamel of your tooth. Shallow cavities can form all over the tooth surface called as dental erosion cavities. These acids strip away the hard enamel out coating of the teeth and expose the delicate inner dentine to the oral environment. Dentine is filled with a lot of nerves and these get exposed to the sudden changes in temperature or acidity causing severe sensitivity.
Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate exactly where the erosion cavities are located and treating the shallow saucer shaped cavities becomes difficult. Dental erosion creates a polished appearance to the enamel without any pain or sensitivity in the early stages. Most patients are not even aware of the problem until the situation becomes really bad.
A good ways to keep a close eye on your teeth is to get regular check up every two months at your London dentist and preferably avoid all drinks contain a large amount of acids.