13 May

An Overview of Oral Surgery in London

Oral surgery is a field of London dentistry that involves diagnosis, treatment and surgery of injuries, diseases and defects of both esthetic and functional aspects of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth, head, gums, jaws, neck, teeth and jaws.
There are several dental conditions that may need oral surgery, including:
• Impacted wisdom teeth. Known as third molars, wisdom teeth sometime fail to develop properly or to fully come out through the patient’s gum line. This may cause the patient’s molar to be entrapped between his gum tissue and jawbone. An impacted third molar can result in pain, infection and swelling of the gum tissue. An impacted problem may also cause damage to other teeth, bone and gums. Sometimes the problem may lead to cyst or tumor formation and may destroy parts of the jaw.
• Tooth loss. Dental implant surgery is an option to restore missing teeth. The dental implants are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone to stabilize the artificial tooth. Patients who are suitable to undergo dental implant surgery are those who have enough bone density, not prone to infection and are willing to maintain regular and proper oral hygiene regimen.
• Correcting jaw irregularity. Oral surgery may be needed to improve denture fit.
• Correcting unequal jaw growth. For those who have unequal lower and upper jaw growth, oral surgery may be needed to correct these problems. Unequal jaw growth may cause difficulty in eating, speaking, breathing and swallowing. London oral surgery will move part of the lower jaw or upper jaw into a balanced, healthy and functional position.