28 Jun

Are London dental hygienists going to take care of you?

It’s not legal for dental hygienist to do the complete job of a dentist. The scope of job they are entitled to do is limited to a small percent of dental tasks decided by a set curriculum and under the supervision of a dentist. But London is facing a sharp scarcity of dentists! It’s really difficult for patients to find a good dentist who has the time and inclination to take up new NHS patients. But what if you could get the same care for a fraction of the price without a wait for several days? Sounds attractive, right! If you don’t mind being treated by dental hygienists then you can have all the benefits I’ve just mentioned! So what are the benefits of having a dental hygienist treat you and what can go wrong?
With health costs rising and, 40 to 50 per cent of people can’t afford dental care. Out of the population of the elderly, only about 1% has dental insurance and even a simple dental screening can cost about £60 which is just not affordable for the elderly as well patients who are on a fixed budget. For such patients, a dental hygienist who offers home dental care for a fraction of the cost is really a dream come true. In America, a bill has already been passed in Maryland, which will allow dental hygienists to do dental cleanings, use sealants as well as apply fluoride treatments without being supervised by a dentist. And London is not far behind! The degree course has been set up in UK at the University of Kent’s Medway called as the BSc in Primary Dental to provide new skills to dental hygienists to work on their own.