21 Jun

Being pregnant in London! dont neglect your teeth

Are you alone and pregnant in London? Wondering how you can protect your teeth better? Pregnancy is a state where your body is vulnerable physically and mentally. Lots of changes happen in your body. Emotions, weight and hormones work together creating weird but necessary cocktail of materials required to keep your baby healthy. Your body will be focusing on nurturing and caring and sharing of your baby’s growth within. As a result your body’s immune system gets slightly overloaded.It is possible for formation of pregnancy tumors to take place which look like red, raspberry colored lesions. It’s nothing to worry about but if you don’t take care of the plaque formation on your teeth then it rapidly increases in size. Prevention is the best solution and keep your gum area and teeth clean by brushing and flossing.
If you are suffering from morning sickness along with your pregnancy you should be extra cautious. The acids in the stomach can destroy your teeth’s enamel to cause a chalky white ring at your gum line. It can even cause cavities along the gum line. Keep a careful eye on these lesions and get them filled at the earliest opportunityMake it a practice to clean your teeth at the dentist in every four months. Take a little time more to clean your teeth gently. You can even use a fluoride rinse to prevent formation of cavities.