11 May

Brighten your smile with London whitening products

Your face may be your fortune and if you have a gap toothed, stained smile, expect your fortune to leak out pretty fast through those gaps. Most people like to get there teeth whitened professionally at a dentist in London but it’s not really possible for every one. Whitening teeth is pretty expensive and it doesn’t help that late night TV and Internet is flooded with cheaper do-it-at home types of teeth whiteners. Here is a list of weird teeth whiteners I found on the internet.1. Whitening Pens is an option been hawked really aggressively on the internet. Instead of the whitening strip and gels you have a pen which applies the solution directly to your teeth and its dries rapidly. You simply need to do 30 second applications per day for two weeks and then do the required touch ups as required .
2. Whitening Touch Up Mini in varied flavors are portable little ampoules to whiten your teeth immediately after you eat something your teeth, and makes you feel like you’ve brushed your teeth.
3. Whitening Dental Floss is supposed to contain whitening agent to freshen up the space in between your teeth as fast as possible.
4. There are Professional tooth whitening chewing gums to freshen your teeth while chewing as well as freshen you’re your mouth with artificial sweeteners
5. Some people also believe that wearing a blue colored lipstick or lip gloss brightens up your smile. The Liquid Cyber Lip Gloss in Alurabliss is just one weird metallic gloss supposed to contain metallic bits of blue color which brighten up your smile and make it whiter and whiter.
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