27 Aug

Dentin Hypersensitivity In London Dental Patients

Having sensitive teeth is something most of us have experienced. It is so common that many of the patients in London and around the world make toothpaste for sensitive teeth their brand of choice. Dentists in London report that the complaint they hear the most is that of patient’s teeth being very sensitive. It was found that one in five adults have some sort of tooth sensitivity.
Those who have sensitive teeth know that when something hot, cold, sweet, or sour is felt by the teeth, it gives off a sharp pain. It does not last long but the intensity of it is enough to make one stop and take notice. Some individuals have teeth that are so sensitive; a puff of cold air to the mouth will cause the pain to occur.
Most sensitivity of the teeth is a result of the enamel coating on the outside of the teeth being worn down. This enamel is the covering for the dentin and when it is gone, the pain occurs. This sensitivity can also be a result of someone who grinds their teeth, has missing fillings, has a tooth which has been cracked, disease of the gums, receding gums, plaque on the teeth, abrasive brushing, whitening of the teeth, eating foods that are acidic.
If the sensitivity gets worse, you should see a dentist who can help diagnose the problem and find ways to help the condition. They have a treatment known as iontophoresis that applies fluoride to the tooth through electrical currents to help the problem.