10 May

Get That Perfect Smile from London Teeth Whitening Techniques

Nowadays, people who want to whiten their teeth to enhance their looks have a lot of options to choose from, ranging from the minimally effective but cheaper whitening gels to the more expensive but quick-result laser teeth whitening procedure.
But to get the best results and to prevent any damage to your teeth, you should get advice from professionals, such as London dentists.
Your dentists, who are trained and experienced in all teeth whitening products and techniques, can help you choose the best teeth whitening method that fits your available time, budget and personal preferences.
Teeth whitening techniques can be generally grouped into three:
• At-home teeth whitening
This refers to home whitening products that can be purchased over the counter or can be bought from dentists who prepare their own teeth whitening products.
• In-office teeth bleaching
Dentists can prepare bleaching gels at various teeth whitening degrees depending on the needs of the patients. Some dentists use hydrogen peroxide; others combine their own whitening materials with hydrogen peroxide.
• In-office laser teeth whitening
This is the fastest way to have glistening white teeth, up to 10 shades whiter than the original shade in just one hour. The dentist applies a gel mixture on the teeth and then uses laser to heat up the gel to whiten the teeth.
For some people, the choice depends on the cost; for others, the choice depends on the degree of whiteness achieved in a short period of time.
As you choose the best teeth whitening method best for you, remember the following:
• Many cheap products advertised as teeth whiteners are just toothpaste products.
• Many whitening gels and strips take a long time to effect even just a little glint of change in shade.
To have that glistening smile you have been raring to have, visit your London dentist and ask the best teeth whitening option for you.