29 Aug

Get your teeth whitened in London

The teeth whitening methods offered by qualified dentists in London, typically utilize hydrogen peroxide. This process can be undergone at home or at a dental agency. The whitening techniques practiced by dentists, in general have a high strength of peroxide gel. This concentration may fluctuate in between 15%-30% depending upon the patients’ requirement.
The gums of the patient undertaking teeth whitening procedure have to be sheltered from the intense hydrogen peroxide gel. This is effectively done by the dentist and he or she uses a protection gel or a rubber guard over the gums. Once the gums are safeguarded, the dentist spread over the whitening paste (which is a transparent peroxide gel to bleach the teeth) all over your teeth. The teeth are cleansed subsequently after a few minutes. As per an individual patient’s prerequisite the process can be performed over and again during a solitary appointment. At times the dentist may ask you to go for a follow-up of the procedure, which can be completed at home with the help of home teeth whitening kits. These kits have lower concentration (10%-20%) of hydrogen peroxide gel and can be safely used. They are quite inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter. Though you can do teeth whitening at home but it is always better to seek professional guidance prior to delving in the process.
The advantages of getting your teeth whitened under the supervision of a dentist are that he can exactly tell you the kind of treatment you need and also advice you on the concentration of the peroxide gel that is best fitted for you.