26 Aug

Gingivitis treatment in London

Gingivitis can be defined as an inflammation of the gums and is also considered to be initial stage of the gum disease. The soft, sticky and colorless film of bacteria, known as plaque, is the main causative factor of gingivitis. Such plaque daily forms on the teeth as well as gum and by regular tooth brushing we generally remove this. If plaque remains on its site, it then produces some toxins that irritate the gums and cause gingivitis.Other causes of gingivitis include trauma to the gums, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy and poor dental hygiene. If gingivitis is not treated properly, it turns to periodontitis that can damage the teeth and its surrounding structure permanently.
The options for gingivitis treatment in London are plenty. There are many dental clinics run by professional and skilled dentists offering effective treatment for gingivitis that begin with initial cleaning, scaling and curettage. You are also advised to maintain oral hygiene by brushing teeth with proper toothpaste and toothbrush. However, in some advanced case, where the surgery is required, dentists may reduce deep pockets that remain underneath the gum. This is generally followed by low dose oral and/or topical antibiotics for certain period.
Once your fist sitting is over, you may need to visit dentist for follow-ups for gingivitis treatment in London for local oral examination and also in order to prevent recurrence of the disease. You also require regular cleanings every three months that may last 45 minutes to an hour.