20 Jul

Gum Disease and Cosmetic Surgery in London

A lot of people I meet around London ask me direct questions about the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry, and how much it will cost them. Cosmetic dentistry could supplement an already exemplary oral hygiene, or reverse the damage of dental erosion brought about by lifestyle choices (such as extreme addiction to candy floss or smoking). The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies from patient to patient, and mostly depends on the extensiveness of the procedures.One thing that will greatly magnify the cost and extensiveness of a cosmetic teeth restoration is gum disease. Before any procedure can be implemented, the gum or gingival disorder has to be treated and kept at bay. The initial dental clinic visits will determine whether a patient’s gums are healthy enough to accommodate cosmetic dental procedures or not. Some visible signs to look out for include bleeding gums, sensitivity to heat or cold, and changes in the physical appearance of the gums and teeth over time. Once successfully treated, the dentist will then recommend the best cosmetic procedures applicable to the patient.
Whilst the initial procedures could be the most complex, a patient should go back for consultation to maintain of the beauty of the rejuvenated teeth. These subsequent visits may involve touch up, cleaning and more advice on how to continue caring for a patient’s teeth and gums outside the dentist’s office. The patient must strictly abide by the recommended after-care programme for maintenance of his dental health. That last information is crucial and I constantly remind my patients to follow my guidelines.