15 Mar

Halitosis in City of London: A Preventable Condition

If you have noticed a consistent odorous breath, it is possible that you are suffering from halitosis. Although this condition could be quite embarrassing, it is best that you seek treatment from a reliable City of London dentist.
Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by a number of things. These include:
• Poor oral hygiene – without proper flossing and brushing, food will be left in your mouth which will serve as the food source of oral bacteria
• Foods – certain foods can give off bad breath such as onions and garlic
• Improper denture cleaning – dentures may collect bacteria especially if food particles are not removed
• Periodontal disease – suffering from gum disease could also be the reason for the bad breath
• Dry mouth or Xerostomia – with decreased saliva production, the mouth has no natural defense against odor-causing bacteria
• Smoking – in addition to its lingering smell in your mouth, smoking tobacco could also affect the acidity of your mouth, attracting more bacteria
• Health condition – certain disease such as diabetes and chronic sinusitis could actually be characterized by foul-smelling breath
To treat halitosis, your dentist will have to first determine the exact cause, extent of the problem and your preferences. Once these have been established, a treatment program can be recommended.
Among the various treatment protocols are:
• New oral hygiene program
• Periodontal cleaning
• Anti-microbial mouth rinse
Your City of London dentist will ask you to return periodically in order to make sure that the halitosis has been controlled and successfully-treated.