11 May

How to choose a good tooth whitening system in London

I’ve always wanted to whiten my teeth but coudn’t really decide, whether it was safe or not! Most of the time the news is filled with stories of how a London dentist messed up a persons bleaching process so badly, that they couldn’t even talk due to the severe sensitivity. But there are a whole different range of teeth whitening products and it’s difficult to find out which one is the best one for you SO you opt for home bleaching or professional blenching done at a dentist? What about the numerous belching product readily available on the supermarket shelves? Are they effective and do they work? In this article let’s just discuss what happens after you bleach your teeth.Dental bleaching at the dentist-whitening your teeth can really brighten up your smile and your face too. If done properly the process is really painless and very effective. Most of the times getting a qualified dentist to do the procedure can result in a glowing smile of the right hue and tint to suit your face. You can try a chair side procedure or professional laser whitening which is done in a few minutes with instant results or you can try the home bleaching system. In the home bleaching system the doctor will give you a custom made teeth tray to be filled with a professional bleaching agent and worn for a set amount of time everyday.
Dental bleaching done at home with supermarket products-Although ingredients may be the same, most supermarket products are not properly calibrated for different tints of teeth. This can only be done by a dentist who can accurately judge the amount of time and strength of product required to whiten your teeth. Some supermarket products may cause extreme gingival sensitivity or even tooth discoloration due to the strength of the bleaching agent.